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Dallas, TX South Asian Wedding by VEK Photo


Garfield, New Jersey Indian Wedding by Lightyear Studio


The Carrs Photography is celebrating 10 years of business! In all those years, the goal has always been clear… create amazing images that remind people of their best memories, and provide an experience for each client that blows them away. Our small business family has grown this past year, and we could not be more excited about the amount of talent each new member brings to the table. Michael is the lead photographer and visionary for The Carrs Photography. With over 300 weddings under his belt, Michael still knows how to have fun, and although he knows how to command a room, his goofy side is mostly what you will see. His approach to photography blends classic beauty with modern style. No fads, or trends. Just clean, beautiful photos crafted to highlight the client’s personality and tell their story. Kera and Josh are two of the best photographers we know, and bringing them into the studio is beyond exciting! With immense experience as independent business owners, now they are focused on sharing The Carrs Photography experience with more people. The Brains behind the whole operation consists of three amazing women. Grace is a our customer care specialist, taking time to make sure that all the tiny details of each wedding is in line prior to the event. She also works closely with our amazing Admin, Jen, to plan events at the studio for our clients. Jen is the face of our downtown studio. She is the first person you’ll see when you stop by to say Hi, or drop off doughnuts for us to enjoy (yes that’s a shameless hint). Phone calls, emails, scheduling, Jen keeps the train on the tracks. The last major player in our little team is Johanna. A recent Wright State graduate with her degree in photography, Johanna is the studio editor. Trained by Michael, she gets to experience all the magic and beauty of weddings and portraits second hand as she sweeps through the images, adding that little bit of post production magic and shine! At the end of the day, we approach your wedding or portrait session with a deep respect for the importance of what is happening and what we are documenting. With that being said, we’re not really serious people! Our love for weddings and portraits comes from our love for people, interaction, and lasting friendships. Making amazing images of beautiful people doing awesome things just happens to be how we make those friendships.









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